Good Vibes To-Go


I’ve decided to take a break from the deep thoughts today and share a little self made hippie healing diy for the home, heart, and mind. I’m very ritualistic in our home. Not of the obsessive compulsive nature, but more so to conserve the beautiful loving energy conveyed in our life. Of course sage, Palo salto, and incense burnings are a must (almost daily) along with meditations and prayer. I’ll get into more of all that on a later post while discussing cleansing, but today it’s all about essential oil tonics.

I do not sell essential oils and I am not trying to get you into a pyramid marketing business! Can you tell I’m so over those ‘you can change your life and have your own business spills’? Just let me go to Wholefoods to buy my oil where people won’t pester me and I don’t have to listen to your marketing pitch.


Oil tonics are great because they are of the ‘to-go’ good vibes nature. My favorite right now is a Patchouli and Absolute Rose concoction. Here’s why:

Patchouli & Rose are both helpful in areas of depression, anxiety, and love. Rose also helps with self confidence. Patchouli also works as a deodorant and bug repellent.

Together these scents create an intoxicating tonic that I personally use as a mental pick me up, perfume, and a room spray throughout my home or car. It’s comforting, inviting, and a definite conversation starter. I’m asked almost daily what I’m wearing and complemented way more than when I wore $80 an ounce Tom Ford perfume.

Here’s the formula…

In a one once spray bottle, mix 15 to 20 drops each of both patchouli and absolute rose. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Shake before spraying each time. I get all my oils and spray bottles from WholeFoods. I’ve used oils for years and in my personal opinion the less expensive brands are just as effective considering I’m not using them as a form of homeopathic medicine.

Spray the good vibes my little beauties! You’ll be shocked at who you might touch to join the good vibe tribe with this simple aromatic remedy.

Peace sign up,
Amanda Machell


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