5 Ways to Recover Your Soul


If you’re a dreamy free soul chances are you’ve felt trapped in the toxic confines of reality at some point or throughout most of your life. Sadly most of the world just doesn’t get us. We’re labeled weird, crazy, lazy or worse when we really just aren’t cut out for conformity.


I know it’s easy to say that, but my god is it tough to believe.

For most of my life I’ve felt trapped or even this strange homesick type of feeling for a reality that doesn’t seem to exist. Luckily my parents are of the daydream believer nature also, but I still seem to get caught in the whirlwind of society’s expectations sometimes.

We live in a world where the fucking Kardashian/ Jenner family are the role models for our youth. Yet society deems the dreamers, lovers and TRUE free spirits to be weirdos? No wonder we get depressed! I’ll gladly vow as a weirdo than praise the uninspiring media puppets as my source of future identification.

So, how do you stay grounded in your beautiful uniqueness and wallow in the weirdness when society tries to shift your mind? Here are a few ways I remain in love with my true self in the midst of mental rubbish…

1. Surround yourself with like mind self loving good for your soul people. You don’t have to believe in the same things, or dress the same, or anything else the same. Just make sure you all have that one thing in common… You all love your true self (whoever or whatever that may be).  If you don’t know these people already, join a strong good vibe social media community.

2. Light up some incense, get your face out of a screen and sit in total silence. Take some time completely alone in total silence just to think… In my experience it’s the best way to remember who you are.

3. Turn off the screens and turn up the tunes. Since I’ve not had cable and limited my time on Facebook I’ve had less and less personality conflicts. MUSIC IS MEDICINE!

4. Go outside! Walk barefoot, lay in the grass, feel the wind, smell the flowers, or forget the umbrella. Get grounded and get happy.

5. Reflect on how lucky you are to be a nonconformist. You’re rare and it’s beautiful baby!

Above all, just bring yourself back to the center of realization that you’re a free spirit. You’re not owned by society like the majority.

For the record, a Jenner with a flower in her hair doesn’t mean she’s a free spirit. It’s not a fad or a style; it’s a way of life and form of mind.

Peace sign up,
Amanda Machell


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Recover Your Soul

  1. I love love love everything about this post! It’s so important for people to realize how important it is to not stress over being different! And I totally agree with the comment at the end about the flower in the hair it’s so true. X

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  2. Really enjoyed this post. I think with everything going on in our society it can become easy to feel out of place. It takes vulnerability to show your true colors in the face of conformity, which is a huge sign of courage and strength!

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