Gnats of Wall Street


Have you ever studied a gnat? So innocent & naive yet the disgust of it’s animal class. Recently we came home from out of town to an apartment filled with these little innocent aggravators. #HouseSitterProbs

A problem I’m now surprisingly thankful for, because like most events in my life I took something valuable from watching their tiny lives peak and crash. In an effort to catch as many as I could to gain our sanity back, I filled a wine glass with water and agave nectar. Before you read anymore I can promise you this isn’t some ‘catch more flies with honey’ spill that’s miss used and over preached. What I witnessed was disgusting naive greed that ultimately led to death in vein.

They spend their entire existence flying around in chaos searching for an abundance of the sweet life. It’ll feed their hunger, give them energy and get them higher. It can give them everything they’ve ever needed and longed for during their inconsiderate existence. With one taste of it’s power they’re hooked for life only wanting more and more of it’s sinfully good fulfilment. What’s so ironic is that it will ultimately kill them. These gnats are so greedily focused on getting all the wealth for themselves they are blinded to the slow death they are right in the middle of endearing. So drunk on the wealth, they drown in it’s abundance without recognition of the greed itself being the infection.

I hope I haven’t lost you yet, I tend to type uncontrollably when passion takes over my mind…

We walk among these gnats daily! They are our peers, the strangers we aimlessly pass on the street, and quite possibly our most loved ones in life. One taste of power and money has killed their soul, their spirit and blindingly killing their physical bodies. I’m not talking about the wealthy spirits amoung us who give back bits of their wealth, knowledge, and love to the world. It’s the ones who gain it all and only pray for more to help themselves. This holds true not only for money! If you have wisdom, if you have love, if you’ve found peace, if you’ve been enlightened and you keep it all to yourself this too is greed in my opinion. Your ego will tell you that people will make fun of you or think you’re strange if you decide to share this metaphysical wisdom with the world. I’m still in the process of shaking this fear myself. I can’t tell you the crazy looks I’ve been given when I talk about sage, crystals and feeling people’s energy or hearing/ feeling god. The cruel comments and dirty looks are totally worth hearing someone come back to you eventually saying ‘I get it, I don’t know what happened but it’s amazing!’. Don’t be greedy with your beautiful existence. What good is the peace, love, and wisdom that comes with enlightenment if you don’t share it’s  pure happiness with the world? What good is all the power and money if it sits in cemented walls when it can save lives?

These naive little gnats are so relevant to us, maybe to teach us. Look for the lesson in everything…

Peace Sign Up,
-Amanda Machell


2 thoughts on “Gnats of Wall Street

  1. Hi Amanda,

    This post really resonated with me. I’ve slowly stopped worrying about the reactions that my words and thoughts will cause to those who are skeptical and trust the process of evolving into the spirituality and lifestyle that has always called me. I’ve always been tugged by spirituality and creativity but have never really listened to it until recently and attempting (possibly failing) to start a blog feels like the right move.

    Thank you for your insight!

    Brenda x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This makes me so happy! I feel so much pain for those skeptical & sometimes cruel people who don’t understand our lifestyle. Keep listening to your beautiful soul! I hope your journey is filled with love, peace & the gift of ultimate happiness!


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