Life After Eutopia


There’s something so life altering about music, the people who are completely addicted to it, and the true artists who devote every bit of their soul to it’s production. I think that’s what’s so mesmerizing about festivals. You’ve got all the these people living completely for the sake of music for days on end. The love is magnetic, the sounds electrifying, the energy pure ecstasy. After living in the closest thing to eutopia for days on end it’s painfully hard returning to reality. If you’ve ever immersed yourself in this atmosphere and felt it to the core then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Since we’ve returned from the beach on our latest musical journey it’s been hard on my soul to recover. Like I’ve been dropped into freezing cold water and left to drown. But it’s not water at all… It’s just this cold and sick reality we’ve all grown immune to.

Watching people going about their day without living creates nausea. Their blinded daily cycle cripples my heart. I can’t count the times I’ve wept in solitude since returning to reality. Not just in sadness for their ignorance, but in awe of the absolute gift a fraction of us have been given of awakened enlightenment.

In less than two weeks now we’ll live out the eutopia again, this time at Bonnaroo. I’m almost scared to come back to reality after this one because of the lengthy time between the next. Until then I’ll just keep spreading the energy throughout my reality. If you feel the silenced internal eutopia I encourage you to send it out too. What’s the use in feeling the awakening if you don’t spread bits of it’s wealth around?

Peace Sign Up,
-Amanda Machell


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