A Refreshed Perspective


It’s been far too long since I’ve last posted. A lot has taken place not only in my life, but also within my soul. For starters I began the 27th year of my life last Friday. The celebration took place on day one of the Hangout music fest on the beach so I couldn’t possibly have asked for more.

I’ll back track to before I left though. My mind is quite notorious for drifting continuously & my spirit is not a stranger to metaphysically longing for more living. With no surprise, I was beginning that all too familiar season of internal unsettlement. A cycle of my mind that once threw me into a spiral of lost persona, now helps me gain identity a little more with each onset.

Before we even left for the Hangout I could feel some soul shaking changes and ideas beginning to weave into my veins. So, weaving number one on my refreshed enlightenment will be to share the many meditations of my life through this media outlet. Our world is hurt, our people are infected, and it’s time for some universal healing together. No, I’m not some master guru that has it all figured out. I’m just a dreamer raised by two amazing bohemian mindset parents who praise personal achievements of unconditional love and peace over scholar and wealth gains. I can’t stick to my yoga routines, nor am I a vegan. Idealistically I’m no hippie superhero, just your average barefoot weirdo with messy hair and a pack of incense. What I do have is a dream, a full heart, and a vision to share good vibes with the world…Don’t you just love a new spiritual journey?¬†

Peace sign up,

Amanda Machell


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