Meatless Mondays


I grew up in a family of minimalist carnivores. My sweet southern grandparents had a farm with plenty of veggies to spread among the whole family, and our family isn’t small by any means. We all had enough veggies frozen from the family garden to last all year. If we did by chance run out, a quick visit to the grand’s freezer for a restock was as simple as that. Flash forward twenty years and the farmland garden is no more, but the values they bestowed on us all seem to be everlasting.

I’m not vegetarian by any means but more of what I like to call, a minimalist carnivore. My sweet sweet live in boyfriend believes in meat for every meal. I always cook veggies for dinner but of course I partake in the WHOLE meal, meat included. It’s been strange coming from extremely common dinners that included only aged cheese, fresh strawberries drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing and a few glasses of wine. My mouth is absolutely watering as I type right now. So, a new ritual in our glorious little household will be meatless Mondays. Veggies only, in rainbow patterns will fill our simple white dinnerware.

Why we’re doing it:

More energy & a quick weekly detox for starters. I don’t have any scientific research to back it up, but I feel like it’s a damn good way to begin the week with a healthy kick-start. Speaking of kick-starts, I’m hoping it will encourage me to remain in an ultra clean eating minimal meat frame of mind the whole week.

On our first meatless dinner he said, and I quote, ‘How am I going to get full if we aren’t eating any meat?!’. This is sure to be a journey, stay tuned my loveys!

Peace Sign Up,

-Amanda Machell


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