Social Media Purge: How & Why I Made the Cut.


I’m a millennial so of course I’m attached to social media quite often throughout my week. It’s often a huge part of our lives that we just can’t possibly explain to our baby boomin’ elders. In their eyes it’s more likely a waste of time. Now, while I don’t agree with them, I do believe when used improperly it is in fact a time sucking ignorance enthusing monster. This fallen angel has at some point for all of us turned into a beast.

Here’s what the boomers fail to understand….

Social media wears many hats.

It’s our inspirational speaker, our cheapest form of higher education, the window to millions of friends from all walks of life, a way to see every corner of the world for those who never could, the creative business opportunity for an underdog….

and most importantly, a medium to unify humanity. 

So, where have we gone wrong?

We’ve followed, re-tweeted & liked our way into a black hole of chaos and (too often) bold faced bullshit. All the junk and spam is filling our  feeds, wasting our time, and killing the genius of social media. I realized this in my own social world this week when I observed how little I actually got on twitter these days. I summed it up to the idea that I never spent time on my once loved outlet because my twitter feed annoyed more than it inspired, motivated, or educated me. So, now I begin the purge…

So far I’ve purged my twitter and half of my instagram. This media frenzy beast is not the easiest to tackle. It’s been extremely time consuming but absolutely worth every minute spent. Surprisingly I feel more organized and much more inspired to post!!


  • First go through your entire list of followers and anyone’s profile that doesn’t inspire you or make you uber enthusiastic about social media, unfollow.  This should take a big chunk of junk out of your news-feed. You’ll be really shocked to remember how much someone clutters your feed just by glimpsing their profile pic.
  • Every time you scroll the feed and find a spammer, troll or annoyance you unfollow them right away! Don’t put it off until later just because you want to keep scrolling. I’m telling you, it’s worth the ten seconds to take care of this!
  • IF THEY DON’T INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, OR MORE MAKE YOU LAUGH, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FOLLOW. IT’S JUST WASTING YOUR TIME. They may inspire others, but their media just isn’t right for your feed.


Peace Sign Up,

-Amanda Machell


2 thoughts on “Social Media Purge: How & Why I Made the Cut.

    1. Same here!!! I’d say the majority of my unfollows on instagram were brands that turned boring to me. I feel like most of them have this number of post they feel they need to make daily & in return it’s just junk they post to meet that number. Thanks for reading!
      -Amanda Machell


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