5 Minute Guacamole


Days are getting longer, sun’s a little brighter and if you live in the South the humidity’s starting to kick in a bit more every day. The summers in Mississippi are so suffocatingly hot I begin to crave food of the light & natural variety.

My obsession with avocados lately has hit a whole new level of crave, making my intake of guacamole on the rise (of skyscraper proportion). I travel every week for my job so on long days I’m all about quick and easy meals.

All you need is five minutes and these ingredients:

Fresh Avocado, Rotel Tomatoes, Lime Juice, Jalapeno’s, Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper

  • Mix 3 squirts of lime juice & 4 dashes of onion powder with avocado
  • Add salt, pepper, & Cayenne to taste
  • Chop 5 sliced jalapeno’s (add juice for extra spice *optional)
  • Add 1/3 can of Rotel tomatoes

The measurements are in this recipe are based on a single avocado serving. Double, triple or quad the ingredients for multi person gatherings!


Peace sign up,

-Amanda Machell


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