In The Beginning There Will Be Confusion…


I never know how to start these things. In the last seven years I’ve started & quit at least four different blogs. So, I guess my real difficulty with this digital endeavor would be continuation instead of beginning. Now years later, while sipping on my second glass of French rose with two sleeping dogs (my only children) & Gossip Girl on Netflix drowning out the background of my thoughts, I write… again.

I suppose this times thoughts may actually have a lasting impression on myself long enough to keep up mediocre stamina. Half assing my personal creative life is strangely what I’ve been a professional at forever. Maybe with 26 years under my belt this time I’ll have some shit I’m excited to write about & you’re excited to read… & the world continues to turn.

A lot has changed in the last few years that I’ve decided not to attempt to gain a blog-worthy existence. Here’s a brief rundown, since my years of failed blogs have told me that we’re now reaching the point when your attention span weakens unless I make things visual.

Cue the fragmented bullets & visually appealing photos…


Peace sign up,

Amanda Machell


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